Quality Guidelines

As a medium-sized enterprise and producer of elevators, fire-fighting equipment maintenance systems and custom-made special purpose machinery, we follow a market strategy of product differentiation in which the quality of our products and services is of the utmost priority. Quality at PREY means:

Effectiveness: The right product!

Quality begins when we consult clients. We concentrate on what our customers want and need and do our outmost to ensure that our products and services meet their demands.

» Quality means meeting expectations precisely and reliably!


Efficiency: The right result!

Quality is innate to our Design and Material Management departments. Starting from our in-house system of design standards and norms through to the precision of our drafts and onto the final material logistics of a contract, we work according to the principle of optimization.

» Quality means optimization, right down to the last detail!


Reliability: The right know-how!

Quality is defined our Production and Assembly departments. Over one hundred years of experience, top-ranked apprenticeships and learning systems and state-of-the art production facilities, machines and tools are our foundation for precision work and reliability.

» Quality means precision work!


Safety: The right focus!

Quality is measureable and is ensured by our Quality Assurance. Whether testing designs, carrying out quality checks on the factory floor or on-site revisions, we set the highest of standards in guaranteeing the safety of our products and services and consequently of our users.

» Quality means awareness!


Continuity: The right service!

Quality does not end once a product has been handed over to a customer. We consider quality to be an intrinsic feature of the timely and thorough support which we provide through maintenance, fault clearance, emergency rescue, repairs, modernization and remodelling.

» Quality means round the clock support throughout a product’s life cycle!


Economic Efficiency: The right price!

Quality is all-encompassing. Our performance determines the price - the quality the costs for our customers. We define our performance standard over the product’s entire life cycle. The best Price-Performance Quality ratio is our concept.

» Quality means trust, which our customers invest in us.


Innovation: The right future!

Quality is achieved through organisation, research and development. We work steadily and continuously, both on a human and capital-intensive basis to improve our operative and administrative procedures.

» Quality means thinking about tomorrow today!


Motivation: The right goal!

Quality requires everybody! Our actions are geared towards the shared success of our partners, our employees and our business as well as the society in which we live - in the present and the future. 

» Quality means good communication, open cooperation and fair exchange!