The Prey family ethos, and consequently the family business’ core operating principle, is that entrepreneurship goes hand-in-hand with personal social responsibility. We define ourselves first and foremost as a member of society, with all of the obligations and rights which this entails. Since people and the environment are the focal point of our actions and efforts, not only do we adhere to industry standards and requirements set by law, but we also implement strict in-house norms and guidelines with respect to Occupational Health and Safety Management, Environmental Management and Quality Management.

Occupational Health and Safety Management

Our employees are the foundation of our continued success. Accordingly, top priority is given to ensuring our employees’ safety at work. This not only encompasses employees’ in-house and external work stations, but also includes the conditions that they experience as they are on their way to on-site locations at which we install and service our products. That our accident rate lies well under the national average and continues to trend downwards reveals the positive results of the high level of attention which we give to Occupational Health and Safety.

Environmental Management

Developing products and services that use resources as efficiently as possible and recycling are key policies of our approach to environmental management. Our products and services are elaborated using the latest technology and are tailor-made to suit individual orders in the most effective manner. Our use of state-of-the-art equipment enhances our energy balance. The particular care which we place on how we carry out on-site work and the methods which we implement to recycle used materials contribute to our environmentally-friendly policies.

Quality Management

The quality of a product is determined by the sum of all of the process chains and individual functions of which it is composed. Quality work at PREY begins at the consulting and planning stages of a project and ends only when the product lifecycle has run its course. A fine-tuned, precise workflow and an operationally independent review process guarantee the high reliability of our products and services. These processes result in top rate levels of both user and investment security.