PREY The company

Rud. Prey GmbH - “PREY” - is a medium-sized family company whose history spans three centuries and four generations of family members owning and managing the enterprise. Since its creation in 1892, PREY has remained a family business entirely owned and controlled by successive generations of Prey family members.

We at PREY are machine builders in the broadest sense of the conveyor industry and over the last century have specialized in the development, manufacturing, design and servicing of elevators, fire-fighting technology and custom-made special-purpose conveyor machinery.

Along with its headquarters in Kiel, PREY operates seven subsidiaries and service centres across Northern Germany and sells and services high-end elevators, fire-fighting equipment maintenance systems and custom-made machinery throughout the world.

We are a medium-sized industrial firm with the performance structure of a large-scale company and the flexibility and client-responsiveness of a small-scale crafts enterprise. We manufacture our own products and train our own personnel from the apprenticeship stage onwards.

PREY is a family business in the true sense of the term. We see ourselves as a family composed of 125 employees and apprentices who interact at work according to principles including interdependency, respect and care.

We work together, support one another and lend an extra hand when needed. Our flexible working-time regulations help employees achieve a healthy work-life balance that fits their individual needs and preferences. Our roof-top cafeteria and lounge offers employees a user-friendly, relaxed space in which to eat healthy, fresh food and enjoy their work breaks. The lounge area and sundeck provide further spaces in which employees can take a break or interact with colleagues or guests in an out-of-the-office setting.

We invest in what is important. We invest in our apprentices’ education and in our employee’s continuing and further education. We use top-grade materials and employ state-of-the-art machinery and techniques to manufacture our products. In so doing, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products and best services on the market.

This is what PREY stands for! You can learn more about us, in terms of what we think, how we work and what distinguishes us from other firms, over the following pages …